Caylee + Theuns – Beloftebos

Caylee + Theuns – Beloftebos Wedding from FJS Productions on Vimeo.

Caylee and Theuns shared their special with friends and family at the romantic setting of Beloftebos. What an amazing couple…

This is what she had to say about her Wedding Film –

We just watched it now. I cried from beginning to end. You guys are truly, truly AMAZING. I love every second of your filming. I have no idea how you did it but you managed to get me feeling exactly how I felt that day, you captured the mood of the day perfectly, you got EVERY SINGLE detail on film. I found myself wondering how on earth you captured a few things – it felt like you were everywhere at once the whole day long and I don’t even remember you being in the way or around or anything.

I am so, so happy with you ! So lucky that I found you and managed to get you for our Special Day. And so chuffed that you exist. You are, without a doubt, the best wedding vendor we ever could have possibly chosen and worked with. From your brilliant communication, your help with the date change, your loveliness, right down to this little DVD with so much love and happiness on it – you GUYS ARE ROCK STARS. You make us feel like rock stars.

You guys do this for a living, so you probably get an email like mine every time you send off the video to each of your couples but I hope you realise just how much you and what you created mean to us. We only get to do this once in our lifetime and the fact that it was captured so perfectly – well, that allows us to relive it whenever we want. We will never ever forget you and you’re going to have to continue doing this until you’re old because we book you for our children’s weddings already too, okay.

So much love to you both.

And THANK YOU. Just repeat that to yourself every day all day until pretty much the end of time and you might get some sort of realisation of how thankful we are to you.

Photography by Bernard Bravenboer